The final piece in the Hammer’s jigsaw

23 wins, the second most goals scored, the second best defence to date; Antonio Conte has been a revelation this season for Chelsea. The Italian coach known as the Hammer, for expectations such as his wanting his players to, “eat grass”; a perfectionist, from details to the length of the grass, to wanting to know where players live; the Italian is simply relentless. 

Such demands make it less surprising to understand why Steve Holland will leave his Chelsea role at the end of the season. The expectations from Conte would be too demanding for Holland to juggle both his England assistant role, with the one at Stamford Bridge. The thought of a Monday meeting with Gareth Southgate in comparison to the Hammer might also make you sleep slightly easier.

Antonio Conte and Steve Holland – Image Source: Twitter

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Following the soon-to-be-vacant position, talkSPORT’s, Alan Brazil, speaking on behalf BetOnBrazil has tipped the man who may replace the Englishman:

“There’s a good chance [Andrea] Pirlo will be coming into Chelsea, as they’re going to lose Steve Holland. Pirlo played under Conte at Juventus, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he came in at Stamford Bridge for next season.”

Alan Brazil

The potential contrast of the two Italians on the touchline should make the perfect ingredients for Chelsea. Composure and calmness, combined with the emotion of Conte which sometimes make you question whether a 12th man is playing for the Blues.

Pirlo is no stranger to Conte’s methods. The meticulous worker who coached the midfielder at Juve should expect late nights and early rises to make the Blues a competitive team across Europe next season:

“[He’s a] beast with two wives. His life is football. I know he is up until 3-4 am in the morning, studying videos, looking at errors, ­studying the opposition of the next game.”

Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo and Antonio Conte at Juventus – Image Source: Twitter

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The familiarity between the two could work wonders for the Stamford Bridge faithful, and the speculation seems more real as Pirlo was in and around Chelsea training ground last December, as well as visiting the ground to watch the team play.

The Italian’s 116 caps, and Champions League experience can only be something to get Chelsea fans excited; as the Architect and the Hammer look to make the perfect No. 1 and 2 combination.

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