Joe Hart’s Italian Job: A half-century and counting

Ethan Tait

Joe Hart was forced out of Manchester by Pep Guardiola and was sent packing to Torino. Despite the comical goalkeeping situation at the Etihad, Pep stuck to his guns – and in the process, lost the Premier League title – and two laughable options for the position.

This has allowed the English international to go about his business and get consistent first team minutes as he’s become the only decent member in defence for the Serie A side.

The move at first seemed to be the most ridiculous thing and is still just as ridiculous now. The thought of Joe Hart playing in Italian football is almost as wrong as Gary Lineker sporting his underwear on Match of the Day. What might have been the strangest thing for Hart was actually having fans support him at the matches. Italian fans are passionate and Torino having a half-decent goalkeeper is a nice surprise after losing three quarters of their starting backline in the transfer window.

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Adjusting to life between the sticks for Hart has not been easy with Torino conceding 50 goals in the league in just 30 matches, thus far with five clean sheets. Joe Hart would kill to have Eliaquim Mangala and Martin Demichelis in front of him at the moment. Luckily for Torino, Andrea Belotti is a baller and tied for the most goals in Serie A or else the side would be finding themselves in the relegation zone. Despite being caught in the firing line and having his net lit up on nearly every match day, Hart seems to be enjoying himself in Italy.

In order to be involved, Hart has fully made himself available to the culture of the club and the fans. The Englishman has gone full Italian and has shown that he cares about the club despite finding themselves in the middle of the table and far away from any sort of European competition or trophy. In reality, what’s not to enjoy? There’s loads of pizza, vino, and more pizza. Not quite the diet for a footballer trying to keep in shape, but Gonzalo Higuain seems to be doing just fine.

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Manchester City are sorely missing the shot stopping ability of the English goalkeeper with Claudio Bravo and Willy Caballero being the equivalents of having an open net.

Team ‘No Hands’ has caused a lot of problems for City and Pep as the side looked to be challenging for a title and well on their way to a spot in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, but both hopes for either have since disintegrated as the errors have added up. Joe Hart might not be the best with his feet, but at least he has decent hands.

It is anybody’s guess as to what will happen with the career of Joe Hart and whether he is done at Manchester City, but everyone will remember his stint at Torino and the absolute absurdity of the loan. He went from playing in the Champions League to playing to maintain mediocrity and progress from 12th place in Serie A.

He came, he saw, and he was scored on quite a bit.

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