Fog on the Tyne no more

Tamhas Woods

Newcastle United are about to secure promotion back to the Premier League at the first attempt.

In the process, the Magpies will replace hated rivals Sunderland, and with Middlesbrough also seemingly consigned to relegation, Newcastle United will once again be the North East’s sole Premier League representative.

Above all, the St James Park faithful demand professionalism, which was sorely lacking in 2015/16 under then-manager Steve McClaren. The man who failed to guide England’s best squad in a generation to Euro 2008 is now a hated footnote in the history of the great club. But in Benitez, the Magpies finally have a manager with the ability to attract key talents, and play to the strengths of his most trusted lieutenants.

In 2003/04, Benitez took a low-scoring Valenca squad and turned them into Spanish champions and UEFA Cup winners.
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Doing a Leicester

The story of Leicester’s astounding title win of 2015/16 needs no introduction. What made it even more miraculous was the fact that many of those involved had been cast away from their respective clubs at an earlier juncture. This served to rile them into chasing every ball and harrying every opponent, fearing nobody en route to a title win by a margin of ten points.

A strong start to 2017/18 will be vital if Newcastle United is to at least avoid a third relegation in the space of ten seasons. In order to successfully establish Newcastle as a permanent fixture in the top flight once more, Benitez would be well-advised to look closer to home.

Here are five players that may feel inclined to leave their current Premier League clubs and become part of what should be football’s next great revolution.

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Newcastle fans would obviously welcome Georgino Wijnaldum back in an instant. He has not had the expected impact at Anfield, and certainly does not appear to be the short-term solution Klopp needs to turn the Reds into a more consistent side.

In lieu of ‘world-class’ acquisitions that need time to adjust to the English game, Benitez needs players that are already experienced in it, and prepared to fight for every ball – not unlike Leicester in 2015/16. With the monetary rewards for promotion higher than ever before, now is the time to make a serious investment in a sleeping giant.

Are any of these five players a realistic option for Benitez? Leave a comment or take a look at a few players we think, geographically, will go A LOT further than Newcastle United in the near future.

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