100-goal club: those that you were certain were members

Adam Brown

The 100 Premier League goals club is a place of legends. From the league’s best ever strikers like Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry to midfielders like Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. Not all players make it, but those that do, establish their name in English football history forever. 

But which forwards who you could be certain made 100 goals with some ease didn’t quite get there? Players like Dennis Bergkamp who is one of Arsenal’s best ever forwards. For some players, it’s baffling that they didn’t make a century.

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For some players, they’re simply destined to make it. The likes of Alan Shearer, Andy Cole and Robbie Fowler who were all ruthless finishers in their time, but importantly, spent the prime of their careers in the Premier League.

It’s surprising that a player like Ruud van Nistelrooy didn’t make 100 goals, but this highlights a significant factor in whether a player is destined to make a century. The former Manchester United forward was unrivaled in his finishing ability – it’s no surprise that Real Madrid came calling.

Effectively, he was almost ‘too good’ for the Premier League – something that we’ve seen in recent times with the sales of both Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo to Los Blancos, but also the sale of Luis Suarez to Barcelona.

Effectively, this shows that players that really should be making 100 Premier League goals are likely to miss out; would Eden Hazard turn down a move to Real Madrid? The Belgian looks set to collect his second Premier League medal this season.

The same could be said for Alexis Sanchez – he’s way too good for the Europa League. Juventus look a perfect fit for the former Udinese star, so undoubtedly, Arsenal’s biggest challenge this summer will be holding on to their Chilean forward. Hopefully the fans in Santiago don’t plan another protest to force their hero out of the London club.

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