In Pictures: The Most Notorious Pocket Picks In The NA LCS

The 2017 Summer Split has embraced a shifting meta and surprising upsets. Many players have already started to develop new power picks for themselves, or simply reincarnated, old, comfort, pocket picks.

A ‘pocket pick’ describes a champion that a player has mastered to a higher level than their counterparts, a champion they feel comfortable with and can be relied upon to provide a stellar performance.

Pocket picks forces opponents to think twice about the ban phase, and for many of these players draws a ban from their opponents that no other player can… as Counter Logic Gaming’s Choi “HuHi” Jae-hyun so frequently reminds us.

While some of these picks are seen almost every week, others have faded over time as the meta has shifted. Still, there are few things that can electrify a crowd like an old pick resurfacing, whether in the NA LCS or abroad in international competition.

CLICKON eSports takes a look at some of the players of the NA LCS, and the pocket picks you know them for:

The Most Notorious Pocket Picks In The NA LCS

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