North London is white and it should be no surprise

Tamhas Woods

The end of the 1994/95 saw Tottenham finish eleven points ahead of Arsenal. Both teams ended that season without a trophy. With Tottenham also taking four points from Arsenal that season, it remains the most recent occasion on which Tottenham could legitimately claim to be ‘the pride of North London’.

Media and fans alike subsequently christened the vintage Arsenal team of 2003/04 ‘The Invincibles’ after completing that season without a league defeat. This only served to further the disparity between the sides, not just in terms of player confidence, but also the worldwide marketability and international brand presence of each side.

Take a look at this gallery of ‘power shifts’ seen in the Premier League era. MOST of these have, thus far, stood the test of time…

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It appears that Tottenham, with a Champions League berth all but assured, will once more be the ‘pride of North London’ this summer. However, if Mauricio Pochettino makes the correct decisions this summer, Tottenham may even have a fighting chance of going one better.

Namely fulfilling the objective in which their neighbours have perennially failed: win the Champions League. Can they do it? Leave a comment, or see why Tottenham youngster Harry Winks will soon be a distant memory.

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