Battle of the Premier League’s undeserved elite and underrated minnows

Ben Mountain

No one likes those teams who win all the time. Apart from the mass of fans who support them. The rest of us, however, definitely do not.

The clubs with the most money, time on TV and wins notched under their belt become somewhat tiring to watch after a while. When you’re picking your Super Six and see them pitted against some poor, defenseless minnow, it almost feels cheap to assume they’re taking the three points.

But sadly that’s often what happens. It’s the nature of football.

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When you compare some of the team sheets for the Manchester City and Chelsea types of this world with those of the Middlesbrough and Sunderland types, it’s a surprise they even compete in the same league.

Only not every player in that glorified top six sets the world alight. And, for the matter, not every player down near the bottom has two left feet.

Recently, Paul Merson described the Crystal Palace winger, Wilfried Zaha, as being “a better player than Theo Walcott,”. Now, it’s advisable to ignore 90% of what Merson usually says, but this comment got us thinking.

Awkwardly, Arsenal are in danger of finishing outside the top six, however. So this comparison falls by the wayside. Sorry, Gooners; we’ve insulted you twice now. It’s nothing personal.

For the poster boys and starlets of the struggling teams, a top six move is rarely off the cards. And for the fall guys of the top six, a move to the strugglers is never far from reality, either. Just look at Jack Wilshere.

So we’ve comprised a mean looking team that, in our view, could take on the world. Or, in this case, the Premier Leaue’s top six. And we’ve compared them with their elite counterparts.

This is CLICKON Soccer’s bottom half vs top six tussle. Mind out for the underdogs, chaps, they’re coming for you…

Quite the team, we’re sure you’ll agree.

If you don’t, feel free to let us know. Only, be warned, the lads above are the dark horses of English football. They’re the ones we don’t always notice, largely because of the badge on their shirt. So, it’s your choice; slag them off at your peril. They may well be causing your downfall at the weekend.

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