The last time the Queen was truly proud of English football

February 1999; that was the last time that the top flight of English football saw an all English starting XI compete in a league game.

This may be a tad overdramatic, but isn’t that just the saddest thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life? Because to us, it’s right up there. But instead of mourning the legacy of English football, let’s look back at Aston Villa’s team that went up against Coventry City on that day.

Oh, and just to put a cherry on top of this oh so lovely sandwich – Coventry battered Villa 4-1 to really rubber stamp the message that foreign players are here to stay. Obviously it’s helped the game in the long run in terms of finances, but just once we’d love to see an all-English XI return to the Premier League if only for one game.

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It’s fitting that a team with such a deep and illustrious history within the English game like Aston Villa were the side that closed the book on this era. Sure they’ve fallen down the ranks a bit, but given their potential the only way is up once more as we look forward to the future.

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