Finding the perfect AFC West combination

Adam Brown

The AFC West could have seen one of their franchises make the Super Bowl for the second year running, until Derek Carr went down. 

Since Carr’s arrival in Oakland, the Raiders – who will soon be heading to Las Vegas – have improved each year. Not just on offense with the likes of Carr and Amari Cooper, but on defense too.

As well as Oakland’s rapid growth, Kansas City are also showing why they’re one of the best defenses in the league. Should they improve on offense, they’re a team to look out for. We can’t rule the Chargers out either, the majority of the games they lost last season were in ridiculous fashion, which is probably why they’ve moved to L.A. Still, it’s nothing that a good off-season can’t sort out.

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There’s certainly a case here for what would be the best defense in the NFL if divisions combined. What is interesting to consider is whether the team would opt for a 3-4 defense and have the duo of Khalil Mack and Von Miller on the outsides.

As well as a ridiculous linebacker core, the two cornerbacks combined for the first and second most interceptions in the 2016 season. Effectively, it’s not the team you want to game plan for if you’re an offensive co-ordinator.

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