A full house of footballers who play poker

The sums available to win in professional poker, make it one of the rare sports – can we call it a sport? – to rival the astronomical sums that are continuing to grow within the footballing world.

The appeal of the poker is obvious; a chance to showcase your wealth, earn enough money to buy a lifesize model of yourself made out of marble – because why not – and, first and foremost, that buzz around the flip of a card having a direct influence on whether you’ve flown too close to the sun or you’ve played it just right.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that poker is popular amongst past and present footballers…

The list is relative small, but give it another decade or so, and the high-profile names that will be appearing on some weird poker tournament show on Channel 4 at 3am on Saturday morning will have grown tenfold.

In the meantime, there’s one more former footballer to add to the list: Jan Vang Sørensen. The former Danish midfielder is such a successful poker player – $2million career winnings, to date – that his Wikipedia page barely recognises him as a footballer.

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