Joey Barton’s betting slip

Adam Brown

In 2014, the FA introduced rules which restricted players from betting on any football event, regardless of their inclusion in the match. While it may seem fairly extreme, it’s not stopped all players from placing bets – particularly Joey Barton, who placed 1,260 of them. 

Inevitably, the former Manchester City man has now been handed an 18-month ban which pretty much spells retirement for the 34-year-old. The Burnley midfielder has released a screenshot of his bets to the public, but were they actually any good?

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It’s tough to understand how someone on a Premier League salary feels the urge to place bets of such small stakes. But whilst some selections and runs of fortune are quite funny, on a serious note, it highlights the seriousness of gambling and how it’s easy to lose.

This is a millionaire who was not just gambling money on games what he was involved in or connected to, he was also gambling a career as a footballer. Arguably, Barton is fortunate that serious action has only been taken now, when he is 34 years old, this is something that has been going on for over a decade. But in any case, despite claims of addiction, it’s difficult to show empathy for the suspended Premier League player.


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