Why do Real Madrid fans hate football?

Real Madrid took a massive step to securing back-to-back Champions League titles, as they hammered Atletico Madrid 3-0 at the Santiago Bernabeau; Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick floored Real’s inter-city rivals.

You might think that this would be enough for the Real Madrid fans, but apparently it isn’t.

The world’s most difficult to please fans have been at it for years, and this season is no different. Real Madrid are currently level on points with Barcelona at the top of La Liga with a game in hand and just three games of the season left to play. In conjunction with this, they are on the cusp of defending their Champions League title after hammering their fiercest rivals.

Incredibly, for Tottenham on the weekend, they couldn’t get enough of the fact that they had humiliated their rivals Arsenal, thus ensuring they would finish above them this season. They haven’t taken steps to ensuring the Premier League title will be theirs, even though they have kept their hopes alive, and they aren’t battling for Europe’s biggest prize.

There is definitely a feeling of deserving in Madrid, and they have made their feelings of discontent known all too often to the players and the management.

Incredibly, so much of this anger has been directed at the greatest player to pull on the jersey of Los Blancos. Cristiano Ronaldo took his goal tally to 399 for the club on Tuesday, and yet he is still a player that the fans feel the need to whistle at and boo.


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Of course, it would have been a different story if Real were level or trailing in the game, especially as the forward had a number of players in good positions to receive the ball for a tap in.

However, this hasn’t been the only occasion in which he has been booed. When he has given the ball away, shot from distance or missed a chance, he has been subjected to the fury of the supporters and, while football fans are famous for their propensity to voice their opinion, either in jubilation or dismay, Ronaldo doesn’t deserve to get heckled every time something he tries does not come off.

It is not just Ronaldo that has been subjected to harsh treatment though; Zinedine Zidane is on the verge of masterminding a quite brilliant first two seasons in charge of Madrid.

As previously mentioned, a Champions League title and the potential to defend it and win La Liga would be an incredible achievement for a man in his first proper managerial role. In conjunction with this, he has somehow convinced Ronaldo to remain contented when he is benched against the smaller teams, so as to save a body that is ageing.

His management has also seen a team of individual stars come together. Under former coach Rafael Benitez, the team couldn’t really be called that. It felt as though it was too much about what the player on the ball could do, and if they were failing, the word would go to get the ball to Ronaldo at every opportunity.

Under Zidane, the side have found a way deal with the fact that 11 individual superstars are not as potent as a team.

Somehow, he is still subjected to the constant questions over his future, with the expectations of the board and the fans unreasonably high.

It seems as though Real’s expectations are too high for even their greatest player, and for an incredible former player that is threatening to be massively successful in management.

The boos, the catcalls, the heckling, it alludes to the fact that nothing has been good enough for some sections of the fans. Of course, the majority of the Madrid faithful would be more than happy with the two trophies that are on offer this campaign.

There are some sections of the support that aren’t contented though. But what will happen when Madrid win the league, the Champions League and their domestic knockout tournaments? Would they then turn their attentions to somehow finding a way to complain that Real haven’t won the World Cup yet?

Real have a team of supreme talent: Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Marcelo and Sergio Ramos are among the best in the world, and Zidane is proving himself to be an intelligent and tactically gifted manager, but they are unfortunately not completely supported by their own fans.

All we can say is, God help the man that steps into Ronaldo’s shoes when he retires.

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