Mauricio Pochettino’s future disciples

Tottenham’s rise is testament to how good a manager Mauricio Pochettino is. The Argentine has been the mastermind behind the most consistent, and best team in the league over the last two seasons, and this is made all the more impressive by the lack of transfer funds he is allocated.

What makes his rise with Tottenham so inspiring, though, is the fact he has taken young players, players that had not fulfilled their potential, and men that were stagnating at the club, and turned them into genuine stars. Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Danny Rose, Kyle Walker and Christian Eriksen have all see huge upturns in their fortunes, and it is all because of Pochettino’s man-management.

With this in mind, which players in the Premier League would benefit from some one-to-one time with the Spurs boss?

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However, if they were to get the chance to play under the Tottenham manager, it would not be easy, and it wouldn’t be a quick change either. The players would be subjected to earlier training, triple sessions and no mercy if they weren’t working hard. However, all of the trials and tribulations of Tottenham’s players has led to success and improvement, so, in the grand scheme of things, it is worth the blood, sweat and tears.

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