When football just wasn’t quite enough

Becoming a professional footballer is a lifelong ambition for millions of young children around the globe. They dedicate their livelihood to the cause and sacrifice whatever they can in order to succeed, with many not giving a second thought to what they’ll do following their footballing career. These guys, however, managed to land on their feet in ways that nobody could’ve imagined. Literally.

We’re all for diversity when it comes to carving a path for yourself following retirement, but the entrants on this gallery took things to a whole new level. They are living, breathing evidence of the fact that footballers aren’t only good for one thing. Their natural talents extend far beyond the diameters of a standard pitch, no matter how badly the likes of Joey Barton attempt to drag them down.

Disclaimer: Mr Barton’s attempts at becoming a professional gambler will not feature on this list.

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So for all of those prospering young stars out there wondering what they’re going to do in the aftermath of their peak, fear not – because quite literally anything is still on the table. It may be a cameo in Coronation Street or a tenure as a butcher, whatever the case may be no one job is better than the other.

Well, apart from Cisse being a DJ. What a guy.

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