In Pictures: The Identity Of Every Top Laner In The NA LCS

As the North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split pushes past its midway point, the battles in the NA LCS top lane have become a must watch in almost every match. A clear point of contention, CLICKON eSports examines the strengths of every top laner in the league.

In the purest 1v1 of any lane, the battle in the top lane is always a mix of mechanical skill and laning prowess. As with any duel, the potential for a highlight play is constant. With an ever-shifting meta that seems to include new picks almost every week, top laners must have the flexibility to adapt and quickly master new champions.

With two world champions and multiple star players, the top lane is a loaded position for the NA LCS. A mixture of Korean legends and young NA talent, the top lane has become one of the most contested lanes in the region, as teams desperately search for a player who provides both carry potential, and the ability to serve as a front line for their team.

After an off-season that brought multiple new faces to the top lane of the NA LCS, the teams have settled on the faces of their top lanes. With a variety of strong personalities and storylines, CLICKON eSports takes a closer look at the NA LCS top lane:

The Identity Of Every Top Laner In The NA LCS


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