Credit Where It’s Due: FOX Keith Deserves Recognition For His Start To The Summer Split

Echo Fox are regarded as a team with unfulfilled potential. Frequently, and often deservedly, the blame for the organisation’s lack of accomplishments is placed at the feet of AD carry Yuri “Keith” Jew, yet the Summer Split has so far told a different story.

Keith was so often the villain of Echo Fox’s defeats in the Spring Split, that it almost feels unnatural to credit the ADC for his positive influence during the team’s victories at the start of the summer campaign.

It is unlikely that Keith will ever completely sway public opinion back into his favour, but he deserves recognition for the manner in which he has improved his game. Now making pro-active plays and eliminating many of his previous errors, Keith has become a valuable member of the Echo Fox lineup.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Keith has always possessed mechanical prowess, though for the first time in recent years he is consistently combining it with good game sense.

Whilst instability and lack of structure could be cited as reasoning for the AD Carry’s poor performances in the past, within the Spring Split iteration of the Echo Fox roster, Keith’s frequent costly mistakes were laid bare for all to see.

The AD carry’s ‘facepalm moments’ were by no means infrequent. Keith was notoriously the first man to die in Echo Fox teamfights, often of account of his sub-standard positioning. Admittedly, that still happens from time to time, but more often it is on account of Keith initiative to instigate a smart fight for his team:

Understandably, much of the emphasis has been placed upon the dramatic improvement of Jang “Looper” Hyeong-seok in the Echo Fox top lane, yet if the squad was to issue a ‘most improved’ award, Keith would surely be the front runner.

Keith will never be the superstar for Echo Fox, but he can be a reliable, core member of the roster. Considering Henrik “Froggen” Hansen is often engorged with the team’s resources – and does a fantastic job of converting those resources into damage output – Keith’s comfort with utility carries will continue to provide valuable attributes for his teammates.

Since the start of the Summer Split, rarely does Keith go anything less than even in lane, notable given that Echo Fox’s jungle pressure is invariably focussed towards the top side of the map.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Of course, improvement is relative. Keith’s critics could argue that, despite his improvement, the AD carry is only now performing at a level deemed to be the standard for NA LCS AD carries. It is a cynical response that Keith will likely face for the remainder of his professional career.

It will take just a single error for all of Keith’s hard work during the mid-season break to come crashing down. Reward will only come if Keith is able to maintain a level of consistency throughout the split and if his sense of improvement is echoed by the Foxes’ final NA LCS standing.

That Keith deserves recognition for his start to the Summer Split, does not mean he will receive it.

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