From Vienna to London

Russell Pope

Austria, more famous for Mozart, the Alps and its rich cultural history than its footballing prowess, has given the Premier League some talented players since the competitions birth in 1992. Not only have individuals shone in the limelight, but the national team has had a meteoric rise from 105th, in 2008 to 10th on the eve of the Euros last summer.

From players who have warmed the bench to a Premier League-winner, the Austrians have exported some serious footballing talent into the Premier League.

A total of 13 Austrians have graced the top flight of English football since its start in the early 90s and whilst some have gone on to make their mark, others have struggled to adapt to the game in England.

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We can see that some talented Austrians have graced the Premier League. And with the Austrian national side slowing improving, and climbing the FIFA rankings, could we see a larger influx of Austrian players coming over from the continent to play in the English top flight?

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