NicoThePico Finds Himself In Hot Water As Ninjas In Pyjamas Sink In The EU LCS

Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård and  Ninjas in Pyjamas’ losing streak continues. The EU LCS newcomers find themselves anchored to the foot of the table having shown little to suggest they are capable of improving upon their position.

The pressure is once again mounting on Ninjas in Pyjamas Head Coach, NiceThePico. NiP headed into Week 3 with relegation survival already considered to be the team’s primary objective for the EU LCS Summer Split.

Facing Team ROCCAT, another team likely to have relegation in the back of their minds, NicoThePico’s Ninjas failed to secure a precious victory, cleanly swept aside by the side who enjoyed victory over Fnatic in an EU LCS week full of surprises.

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Perhaps what will concern the Ninjas in Pyjamas most is not the result of the series with Team ROCCAT, but the manner in which the team handed victory over to their opponents.

NiP’s continually allowed themselves to fall into ROCCAT’s traps, handing over easy kills on account of fundamental positioning errors and an abhorrent lack of vision control.

Having lost the first game of the series after a scrappy baron fight, Game 2 ended in a similar fashion as NiP’s overzealous enthusiasm to engage on a stray member of the ROCCAT lineup frequently resulted in disaster.

Entrusted with developing strategy and a sense of cohesion amongst a roster of talented individuals, NicoThePico currently has very little to show for his time working with the roster. Fans are already beginning to question how long it will be until the former Fnatic coach is replaced.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Fnatic’s issues were widely publicised during NicoThePico’s time in charge of the now flourishing roster – dodgy drafts, miserable morale, troubling teamplay – at one point or another, the roster endured every issue a team can experience within a single split.

After a catastrophic nine weeks in the EU LCS Spring Split, featuring a number of even-more disastrous team compositions, the heavyweight European organisation finally acted to relieve their coach of his duties.

One glance at Fnatic’s results, with and without Nico’s input, speaks volumes to his credentials as a Head Coach, whilst his appointment to the role of Head Coach at Ninjas in Pyjamas perhaps highlights an underlying issue with the European League of Legends scene.

By moving to bring NicoThePico into their ranks, NiP have evidently valued experience over both the value of a coach’s track record, and the prospect of hiring an up-and-coming strategic talent. This theory is particularly prevalent in the case of Ninjas in Pyjamas, who re-entered the competitive League of Legends scene having lacked a motive to actively engage with the EU LCS for the past two years.

Having entrusted their investment in the hands of the league’s worst coach statistically, it’s currently difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel for NiP.

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