The Wall Street Crash

The Premier League has seen its fair share of massive money signings in recent seasons, with the transfer record being broken last summer by Paul Pogba’s high-profile move back to Manchester United. This put a lot of the other transfers in the shade though, with many of the other teams also spending big in order to improve their squads.

While quite a few players have increased their transfer prices this season, there are quite a few that have likely seen tens of millions of pounds wiped off their current value, with poor performances and a lack of goals and assists seeing their value plummet. But which players have seen the most wiped off their value since last summer?

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The life of a modern footballer is scrutinised massively, with a cluster of poor performances sometimes obliterating a player’s transfer value. While it looks like the life of a player that has a huge transfer price on their head is an enviable one, some might say that if you’re only worth a few million to start with, you can’t drop in price by much!

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