Combining perfection: United’s Treble winners and Arsenal’s Invincibles

Throughout the history of English football there’s been a few teams that have stood out above the rest, whether that be due to controversial circumstances or because of their outstanding achievements.

In this instance, Arsenal and Manchester United fall into the latter category courtesy of their unbelievable accomplishments in the 1998/99 and 2003/04 seasons.

The Invincibles and the Treble winners are two of the greatest sets of English football teams ever assembled. Some of the most respected and highly acclaimed players were a part of these two successes, and as such we got to thinking about who would make the cut if we ever combined the sides together.

There’s no doubt that the choices in play here are going to warrant a bit of debate, but try to keep in mind that we’re referencing the aforementioned seasons as opposed to their entire careers. Obviously there’s quite a few of you out there who are going to ignore this paragraph completely, but such is life.

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Now it’s time for the throwing of the knives and pitchforks to begin, with the Giggs and Scholes fans of the world throwing their toys out of the pram due to their relegation to the substitute bench.

In all seriousness, we should be looking past the inclusions and towards just how difficult it was to assemble a team of this nature. The Invincibles and the Treble winners revolutionised the game in their own individual ways, and because of that we should be eternally grateful.

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