Loan rangers ready to make an impact

The loan system has been in place for many years now in the Premier League, but you could argue that it’s never had such a strong crop of talent as it does now. Up and down the country teams have sent their young stars and grizzled veterans on their way to clubs around the world, and a few of them are ready to come back and make a real impact.

Obviously there are so many more names that’ll pop up next season and make us look silly for not including them, but these seven are set to go above and beyond the rest. Sure they may fall flat on their face, but isn’t that part of the fun of being a football fan? Sometimes you’re right and sometimes you aren’t, but at least you can sound remotely smart about something down the pub on a Friday night.

Being sent out on loan could be seen as a bad sign for some, but in our opinion it should be seen as a chance to flourish away from the spotlight. You can start to carve out a reputation for yourself elsewhere without the pressure of performing at the highest level, which can only be considered a bonus.

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Transitioning from one national league to another and then back again is hardly a walk in the park, so there’s no guarantee of success here – but you never know what the future holds. From our stand point, the momentum that these lads have carried with them from their Premier League tenure puts them in a solid position when it comes to a potential return to the English limelight.

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