Ronald Koeman: throwing stones in glass houses

Ronald Koeman, the fans of football salute you:

“We need an answer before next week. He will either accept the contract or we will sell the player.”

“If you take so much time (in signing) you have doubts (about staying). The board has worked a long time”

Ronald Koeman

A refreshing honest appraisal of how the Everton and Ross Barkley contract situation stands, as the Dutchman looks to try and make just the slightest dent in ‘player power’.

Of course, this will register next to nothing in the fight against players’ inflated egos, agents and prima donna attitudes. But the openness will be greatly appreciated by the people the governing bodies seem to have forgotten exist.

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Koeman’s move to Everton from Southampton was a bit left-field, and since the Dutchman’s move to the Toffees, the footballing world has realised that Koeman is brash and a hard taskmaster; his way or the highway.

From dealing with Romelu Lukaku’s belief that he’s somehow not at his level at Goodison Park – he really is, like really, really is – to his bringing through of youth players such as Tom Davies, due to his unhappiness with several senior team players; Koeman has been an open book.

However, for any manager to be respected, in any job, you have to practice what you preach, you have to lead by example. So, it’s all very well for Everton’s manager to shift any blame or backlash from the club and him onto the players, but Koeman then can’t be quoted as saying he’d love to one day manage the club he was idolised at as a player, Barcelona.

Ultimately, though, the public airing of Everton’s dirty laundry is all unnecessary, when Koeman, Barkley and Lukaku are clearly failing to realise Everton is their level – Barkley’s is probably lower – and they should all keep quiet before they’re found out.


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