Serial providers in front of goal

The Premier League has been blessed with some of the world’s greatest strikers over the years, stemming from all corners of the globe. As such we’ve seen plenty of high scoring seasons with forwards regularly smashing in 20 per year, but every so often you get one or two that go that extra mile and pull it off more than once.

That’s not to take away from those who managed to do it just the one time, but with all due respect to the James Beatties and Andy Johnsons of the world, they really aren’t on the same level as some of these names. With that being said, you may be a tad open mouthed at the collection of superstars that are about to pop up on this list.

As opposed to admiring the top few who really did go above and beyond, take a minute to appreciate people who really have no right to qualify here. Hell, there’s even a midfielder in here somewhere.

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As we continue to bask in the glory of Alan Shearer, also known as the greatest striker in Premier League history, take a minute to consider how many of these fellas are considered to be among the best of all-time.

Spoiler: not a lot of them would make the cut on the majority of top 10s or top 15s, but without them many of history’s great English sides wouldn’t have found anywhere near as much as success as they did.

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