Tottenham’s hardest XI

Hooliganism has always been part of football with the fans of clubs all too often taking matters into their own hands before, during and after games. English supporters have been seen as a particular problem in Europe, with fans of both club and country causing trouble.

It seems as though the London clubs have particularly troublesome fans though, most likely due to the close proximity of a number of different clubs in the city. Tottenham fans are not exempt from this either with their supporters being some of the most passionate around. With such passionate support they have never been short of equally aggressive players on the pitch either.

Tottenham’s all-time hardest XI is full of players that would role their sleeves up and enjoy an arm wrestle of a game. From players with out and out strength to men that would beat up an entire bar, there isn’t a person on this list that would go into a tackle half-hearted.

Much like their counterparts on the pitch, Tottenham have never been short of passion and guile in the stands. However, some fans have taken this to a fault, with violence and hate marring games. While football is all about raw emotion, joy and despair, these feelings should not lead to violent scenes following any game.


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