New School vs. Old School: Why LeBron’s era could never match Kobe and Shaq

The age-old question between NBA fans, or all sports fans for that matter, is would a team made up of players of one era beat a team of players from a different era? Let’s open up a can of worms and get the debate started. Would 2010 beat 2000? Let’s meet the squads.

This line up is stacked. Shaq was at his best, and most dominant, as a Laker, Tim Duncan was virtually unguardable, Iverson was the most feared point guard/shooting guard in the league, Kobe was the most difficult player to defend, and T-Mac was dazzling the crowds with highlight after highlight. Although the biggest weakness of this group would be three-point shooting, their dominance inside would be impossible to stop.

We all know how good LeBron is, and D-Wade terrorized the league with his relentless attacking when he was younger, KD is an unstoppable shooting machine, Westbrook is one of the most explosive point guards ever, and Dwight Howard is, well, overrated. This teams’ strength will be their defense along the perimeter and shooting, basically because of KD.

So which team will win? Sure, it’s Lebron James, KD, Westbrook, and D-Wade, but don’t get it twisted, new era, this team of the 2010s doesn’t stand a chance. Westbrook and Iverson would cancel each other out, LeBron would edge out Duncan because of his quickness and three-point shooting, KD and T-Mac would be close, but the x-factors are Kobe and Shaq. As good as Wade was as a defender, he’s no match for Kobe in his prime. Then there’s Shaq. And if you think Howard could stop him, you obviously don’t’ know basketball. Not only would Shaq go for 30 every game, but Dwight would be held to under 12 points. D-12 is overrated.

There’s no contest here. The 2010 era doesn’t stand a chance.

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