Premier League-bound this summer

The Premier League season is drawing to a close and most of the teams now know where they will finish the campaign.

With survival in England’s top league, European places and next season’s Championship already on the mind for some teams, many managers will start looking towards their potential squad for next season.

With the money in the Premier League it means that a switch to the English league is an incredibly attractive one and does often convince some truly world-class players to make the jump.

Which stars are likely to make that potentially career defining move, though?

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While it is likely to cost a pretty penny for any of the players in the list they would surely be worth the money with goals, blocks and saves aplenty. The most difficult thing may be prying some of these players away from the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona who are always linked with talent of this nature.

Arsenal and Manchester United in particular are in need of new attacking talent then they need look no further than the above players.

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