48-year-old Dennis Bergkamp is still as good as the Dutchman in his prime

Netflix’s popular show, Master of None, launched its second series recently, and disappointed its fans with a lack of storyline, direction and all round laughs. But one Master who isn’t lacking in an identity, is the footballing great, Dennis Bergkamp.

Arsenal’s greatest ever Premier League player, who is often deemed the finest English top flight player of all-time, showed that if you’ve really got ‘it’, you never lose ‘it’.

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Everything about the goal sums up why the footballing world, and not just Gooners, hold a special place for the Dutchman in their heart.

The deft back-heel touch, the presence of the opposition for the turn and then the majesticĀ strike from 25 yards, was Bergkamp in a nutshell.

And although the clip of the former Inter Milan striker will draw smiles from the red half of north London, it is yet another reminder of how different things were just over a decade ago.

Mesut Ozil is often billed as the heir to Bergkamp’s throne, with the German international sharing a similar appreciation of deft touches, eye of the needle passes and an ability to find space where space is deemed void. However, the former Bayern Munich man’s one flaw, is his inability to get nasty. And for all of the superlatives to describe Bergkamp, the now-assistant manager Ajax possessed that in abundance.

We aren’t encouraging Ozil to start throwing elbows, but we are sure even Mother Theresa swore when she stubbed her toe.


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