Blinkered by rivalry

Rivalries are one of the main factors behind football’s ongoing success, with teams up and down the country constantly striving to be better than they who shall not be named from down the road.

Unfortunately, with that power of football storytelling comes great responsibility and some fans continually fail to see the forest through the trees.

By this, we of course mean that there are numerous football supporters that refuse to acknowledge the talents of players from all around the world – despite it being abundantly clear to everyone else who watches them. Whether you have a particular disdain for the player in question or they stem from your club’s arch enemies, the view of logic becomes distorted for many.

Why? Because that’s how football works sometimes, and we’ve decided to try and pry open the eyes of those aforementioned critics to show them what they’ve been missing. Of course this can be better demonstrated in YouTube videos and during actual games, but just try and listen to reason here.

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As you unclasp your fists and stop swearing to strike down on thee with great vengeance and furious anger, take a moment to glance through this list once again. So many of these players deserve respect, if not for their personalities off the pitch then for what they are able to do on it.

Seriously, you could make a fairly solid team out of these nine men alone. Stick De Gea and Ronaldo in there for good measure, too.

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