From Bogotá with love

Over the last few years there’s been quite a few nations around the world that have stood up and made themselves known, but none have been quite as impressive as Colombia.

Following on from years in the footballing wilderness, they seem to have randomly emerged as World Cup contenders – which got us to thinking about their Premier League past.

Obviously by sheer numbers alone there’s bound to have been a top quality Colombian in the world’s top league over the years, but you may be a tad surprised by the results. We aren’t suggesting that the standard from these guys has been bad, but instead that they didn’t really live up to their potential. Well, for the most part.

A quick disclaimer: there’s not going to be any world beaters in here, or at least, none that didn’t turn into a three-legged cow on acid during their tenure in the division.

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So there you have it – good old Juan Pablo tops the list courtesy of his seven-year tenure at Villa Park, which was full quite a few headline-making moments. With that being said, we’re fairly confident that the next crop of Colombian all-stars will be bumping several names off this list in the years to come.

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