Jose Mourinho’s golden XI

“It’s not even a real competition mate, come back to me when you’re in the Champions League”

Every Manchester United fan last season 

When Liverpool took on Sevilla last year their excitement was met by derision from many. The Europa League has been regarded as a second-rate competition, with Thursday evening games summing up the horrendous trials the players must go through to play in the cup.

Now that Premier League side Manchester United are there though, and the Champions League is on the line, it has become very fashionable to contest the final with Jose Mourinho throwing all of his eggs in one basket having given up on the league recently.

With so much riding on the game it would be foolish of him to not play his strongest side then:

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Across the park only injuries has stunted Manchester United’s ability to play their best starting XI with Zlatan Ibrahimovic their biggest loss considering his ability in the biggest games. Truth be told, United should win this one. From the word go they have been the biggest team with the best players in the competition and to lose at this stage would be a travesty, and one which Mourinho may not be able to talk his way out of.

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