“I’ll go now as I feel I have outstayed my welcome”

The quote ‘I’ll go now as I feel I have outstayed my welcome’ is not something that has ever crossed the lips of these players. 

Modern football is a place where a player is as handsomely paid for sitting on the bench, as they are for having to chase the ball for 90 minutes. The seat on the bench or their role as a last-minute player becomes so comfortable though, that some change their LinkedIn profile from ‘professional footballer’ to ‘I like to sit around and stretch every once in a while’, while more still get thousands of pounds to have massages on their ‘injuries’.

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For those out there that would like to be a footballer, though, many of the players on the above lustre testament to the fact that you don’t have to be that good to get a spot on the bench in the Premier League.

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