Identity crisis: footballers who should have picked Brazil

It must be nice as a footballer to have a choice when it comes to determining which nation you want to play for, especially if you have a number of offers on the table, though in the case of Brazil, were they perhaps too hasty to dismiss the following five players?

There are many nations who have the luxury of a considerable talent pool, though the argument is that sometimes they make too much of a snap judgement on players at a young age if the national team boss doesn’t spot their potential, or even vice-versa.

Brazil squad selection –  a hard nut to crack

Brazil, though, who like a number of South American countries have links to Latin European nations, can list a number of players who slipped through the net, may well have won back-to-back World Cups over the last decade if some of these gems were included in their squads, despite having the likes of Ronaldinho.

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While these players are across slightly different eras, there is no doubt each individual would have made an impact at tournaments for Brazil. Very often, just one tweak can make all of the difference, as we have seen time and again on the domestic stage.

Choosing just one player that Brazil could have done with though is somewhat of  hard one, though for many the 2010 World Cup probably stands out. Lacking in central midfield, the inclusion of Senna might just have seen them go all the way, as Spain demonstrated.

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