Delta Fox Provide Fans With A Glimmer Of Hope After First Game Victory Over eUnited

Improvement has to start somewhere. For the struggling Delta Fox lineup, that somewhere may well prove to be their opening game against league leaders, eUnited, during Week 3 of the North American Challenger Series.

When the star-studded Delta Fox roster was announced, the expectations for the new the NA CS team was a point of contention within the League of Legends community.

The adoring fanbase of the ‘The Stream Dream Meme Team’ were confident of immediate success, having witnessed the lineup of former pros crushing solo queue opposition on their Twitch and YouTube channels. The pessimists expected nothing shy of a weekly slaughter.

Sadly, the latter proved to be the accurate prediction.

Source: TheRiftHerald

Though the team had five former pros that were doing well in solo queue, they lacked the cohesion and strategy to produce a competitive performance.

Factoring in that Danny “Shiphtur” Le and William “scarra” Li – both mid laners by trade – were playing unfamiliar positions, it soon became clear as to why the Delta Fox roster was being crushed on a weekly basis.

Heading into their third week in the Challenger Series, Delta Fox were yet to win a single game and boasted an embarrassing 0-4 record.

Comprehensively defeated by two of the league’s weaker opponents, CLG Academy and Big God Jackals 2-0 respectively, few expected anything other than a repeat result as the squad prepared to face the NA CS team favoured for promotion, eUnited.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

As expectant fans tuned in expecting to witness yet another 2-0 sweep, Delta Fox defied the odds by upsetting the league leaders and take Game 1 of the series.

Their first win as a competitive roster, Shiphtur produced his best performance of the season so far, playing Bard in the support role. Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana was allowed to snowball the game as Jhin on account of Shiphtur’s stellar performance.

Of course, Delta Fox would go on to lose the series after a champion select mix up resulted in both Scarra and Shiphtur selecting smite, before Shiphtur’s valiant attempt at jungling left Scarra exposed in the bot lane.

Fans will not be satisfied be simply seeing their favourite streamers names listed as a NA CS competitors, they will be hoping to see a gradual course of improvement, perhaps even the occasional series victory.

Having broken their duck and secured their first game win of the season, Delta Fox have taken the first step towards delighting their fans with a series triumph, a glimmer of hope as the Summer Split approaches the midway mark.

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