Inori Reluctantly Departs Phoenix1 To Form Part Of Team Liquid’s 10 Man Roster

Rami “Inori” Charagh could see that he no longer featured in Phoenix1’s future plans, reluctantly conceding his post as the team’s jungler to form part of Team Liquid’s 10 man roster.

After a year of internal conflicts, personal issues and on-stage inconsistencies, Inori’s time as Phoenix1’s starting jungler is over.

Replaced by William “Meteos” Hartman midway through the 2017 Spring Split, Inori has struggled to re-establish himself within the team. The arrival of promising rookie jungler Michael “MikeYeung” Yeung applied further pressure on Inori’s already untenable position.

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Moving to new pastures with Team Liquid, Inori will initially act as Reignover’s substitute, working towards the organisation’s ambition for a ten man roster.

Though Reignover himself has been similarly underperforming, it is not expected that Inori will feature frequently for the struggling squad:

“The 10 man roster is just the start and signing Inori conforms with our plans for the present and the future.

“We could not turn down the opportunity to sign a great player like Rami because he combines a valuable mix of potential and the ability to help our team from Day 1.

“We believe this is a step in the right direction, but we understand that there are no guarantees.”

Steve Archanet

Inori joined Phoenix1 in week five of the 2016 Summer Split and immediately became a poster boy for the team. The jungler’s heroics saved the team from relegation after an 0-9 start, including a memorable win against the, then undefeated, Team SoloMid.

Inori’s Rengar and Mordekaiser provided some of Season 6’s most beloved moments and he would finish in second place for the Summer Split 2016 Rookie of the Split award.

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The 2017 Spring Split was a rough period for Inori. The Phoenix1 roster started their campaign poorly and were bordering on relegation once more. It was later revealed that an on-going, behind the scenes feud between Inori and support Adrian “Adrian” Ma was adding fuel to the fire.

Inori was absent from Week 6 of the Spring Split, returning home on account of personal reasons. In his absence, Adrian took the opportunity to stick the knife into his back, describing his jungle playstyle as ‘brainless’.

The statements immediately sparked a response from Inori, who issued a (now-deleted) response on social media before speaking openly about the conflict in an interview with Blitz eSports. It is now understood the relationship between the two players became unsustainable, both players have now departed Phoenix1.

Source: BlitzeSports

“Right now, I kinda feel like I’m being rejected from my team because there’s a certain player that doesn’t want to play with me, which is kinda silly.

“I could have been a better teammate to them, and I want to be the best teammate I can be going forward.”

Rami “Inori” Charagh

Inori would never fully recover however, Meteos would remain as P1’s jungle of choice for the majority of the Spring Split. Though Inori did make a number of appearances towards the end of the split and in the playoffs, he could not translate his limited success to the summer campaign.

In spite of any previous bad feelings, Phoenix1 were keen to clarify that Inori left the team on amicable terms:

As one of the North American scene’s brightest breakthrough talents of 2016, Inori will hope to reignite his career with Team Liquid.

Inori will initially spend some time on the sidelines, this is not an experience the jungler will be altogether unfamiliar with, given his loss of standing at Phoenix1. A move to Team Liquid opens up an opportunity for Inori to make a comeback; Yeu-jin “Reignover” Kim’s own issues of underperformance may yet open the door for the jungler’s return to the NA LCS stage.

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