What would the Yugoslavian football landscape look like today?

Ever wondered what the starting XI would be if Yugoslavia was still one nation? Well, we did and it got us thinking that it quite possibly could compete in the latter stages of tournaments.

While the former Yugoslav nations are scattered with talent, when you bring it all together it makes for a formidable team. Considering there is Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosnia this presented somewhat of a challenge and painstaking analysis.

So who makes our Yugoslavia XI?

We’ve all imagined our very own World XI or even European XI and may even remember the charity matches featuring both of these teams in years gone by, though this Yugoslavia XI would definitely take some beating. Have a look through and see whether you agree!

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Well how about that?! Some team eh? You could definitely give honourable mentions to Mario Mandzukic (Croatia), Steven Jovetic (Montenegro), Samir Handanovic (Slovenia),  Neven Subotic and Nemanja Matic (both Serbia) while there is even Asmir Begovic (Bosnia) who could capably fill in between the sticks.

It would definitely be interesting to see how this team would fare at international tournaments, especially when considering they seem to have a blend of everything.

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