Now that’s what I call La Liga 90s

Spanish football in the 90s was a very different place.

All of the best players belonged to either Real Madrid or Barcelona, and the two clubs were constantly locked in a two-way battle for the title, to the exclusion of all other – comparatively cash-starved – teams.

OK, so things haven’t changed all that much (and yes, Atletico have in the last couple of years turned Spain’s traditional two-horse race into a three-piece), but anyone who watched football in the 90s knows that things just felt different. You had characters, mavericks… outright lunatics in some cases.

In Spain, you also had some world-class players, like Guardiola, Laudrup, Figo, Koeman, Romario. So many, in fact, that a few of the lesser known stars they played alongside have been forgotten to history.

To help jog your memory, we’ve put together a list of the 90s La Liga stars you might have missed.

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Whilst La Liga wouldn’t had the same appeal without Cruyff’s all-conquering Dream Team, or the star-studded Real side that triumphed under Fabio Capello, no league, or club, is complete without its support cast. And we think forgotten stars like the ones on this list deserve a shout out too.

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