Paul Pogba’s absence says a lot about the man

Jose Mourinho’s build-up to the Europa League Final, has been so dismissive of all other commitments Manchester United are involved in, that Paul Pogba’s substitution before half-time against Crystal Palace, initially just felt like a pre-Stockholm tactic – or a tribute to the midfielder’s shirt number…

However, this wasn’t some form of mind game or perceived tactical ‘masterclass’ from Mourinho, Pogba was replaced during United’s last Premier League game of the season, due to a potential injury.

The Frenchman hobbled off, raising serious questions over whether the world record transfer would be available for United’s ‘all the eggs in one basket’ final.

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Jack van Gelder, a well-respected Dutch journalist, has added further fuel to the belief Pogba may not end up lining up against Ajax on Wednesday, by revealing he has heard that the former Juventus midfielder has been carrying a hamstring injury for eight weeks.

Pogba’s second coming at Old Trafford, due to the fee paid by United, has made him an easy target for pundits, rival fans and the tiresome internet jokes. However, Pogba’s willingness to play through this pain barrier, highlights that the ignorant calls of ‘lazy’ and ‘lacking of heart’ from those in football, are/were wide of the mark.

Perhaps Pogba needs to miss the Europa League Final, to prove the old adage correct, that you only truly know the value of someone when they’re gone.

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