25 Premier League players who deserve upgrades in FIFA 18

With the Premier League season finished, most will be looking to the virtual world to fill their Saturday afternoons and EA Sports’ FIFA is surely no exception.

The award-winning video game has helped waste away the hours of many a football fan and its player ratings are almost always up for debate – surely the ratings of FIFA 18 will be no exception.

It is hard to please everyone, although every year there seems to be a host of players who deserve a boost in their numbers and as the Premier League season is over and the developers will soon be evaluating next season’s participants we’ve decided to make a list of 25 Premier League players who desperately need to go up a few overall points after the season’s they’ve just had.

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There are others who perhaps need a look at too, but overall, these are they 25 who deserve a boost in next year’s FIFA.

Did we leave anyone out? Who do you think should get a ratings improvement in next year’s FIFA 18?

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