The Cinderella clubs of Europe’s top flights

One of the many great things about European football is that in the top divisions, the sides you see week in and week out are the best of the best. They are elite footballing teams that have built themselves up to the point where they can compete at the highest level – or at least, that’s what they’d like you to believe.

In reality, a number of smaller ‘Cinderella’ sides have climbed up through their respective ranks to earn a place at their nation’s top footballing table. Whether it’s the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga or Bundesliga we’ve seen many underdog sides upset the big boys on a consistent basis.

Some might see their appearance on this list as a bit of an embarrassment towards the credibility of these divisions, but it should be just the opposite. They fought hard to get into the top flight, and who are we to tear down their accomplishments? With that being said, the sheer size of these teams somewhat defy logic.

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For as much as we all strive to see underdogs succeed, we equally despise when they beat teams of our own. Still, it makes for a fairly good story the next day and some may argue that the FC Crotones of the world are what is keeping the ball rolling to this day.

Obviously that isn’t true, but let’s make the Crotites out there feel good for a few minutes.

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