The secret strikers: goalscoring goalkeepers

Nothing can top the excitement of a goal in football. The crispest of finishes from a flowing team move, a lightning bolt from 40 yards or when the ball trickles over the line in agonising fashion, it’s why we love the game so much.

It makes our celebration of a goal even bigger when it is the unlikeliest of sources that finds the back of the net; a defender or defensive-midfielder that rarely scores causes disbelief enough, but there is one player that everyone wants to see wheeling away in celebration following a goal, and that’s the goalkeeper.

When the man that is paid the serious money to stop them decides to try his hand at scoring there is nothing more gratifying for a fan. With this in mind, we have gathered the secret strikers from the Premier League in one place to bask in their collective goalscoring glory:

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Special mention must go to West Ham’s Adrian though. While his goal was not in open play or in the Premier League, he put on the ultimate show as he cast his gloves aside, literally throwing down the gauntlet before scoring the winning penalty. Imagine if he had missed it though…

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