Pablo Zabaleta’s final act as a Manchester City player cements his legacy

Pablo Zabaleta will be announced as a West Ham player later this week, having agreed a two-year deal with the Hammers.

The Argentine defender leaves the Etihad Stadium, a fan favourite and a player, who for a time, could lay claim to being the best in his position in the Premier League.

Zabaleta’s final act as a Citizen, is one that demonstrates just why Manchester City fans fell in love the man, and not just the player.

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Words to describe Monday’s events in the multi-cultural, vibrant and beautiful city of Manchester, escape us all. However, in times of such adversity, human nature has a wonderful ability to show genuine compassion.

Gestures like this, from the footballing world, at times like these, are important. They serve as poignant reminders that football is so insignificant. However, it’s that very insignificance that makes Manchester United’s Europa League Final against Ajax tonight, even more significant.

Manchester needs it, England needs and the world needs it. The Red Devils, out on that Stockholm pitch, will represent the resolve of a city, irrelevant of whether Paul Pogba & co emerge victorious.

If Jose Mourinho guides Manchester United to victory against Ajax, it won’t be the Red Devils that have won, it will be the whole City of Manchester.

Yaya Toure has also donated £100,000 to the families of those who lost loved ones at the Manchester Arena.

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