The Paul Pogba Final

Proceedings in Stockholm paled in significance after the horrific scenes in Manchester on Monday evening. But there would not have been a half decent person in the world who was not pleased to see the Red Devils lift the trophy; a deserving moment for one of the world’s most famous cities.

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Paul Pogba opened the scoring with an intentional deflected effort, and from there on in, the Jose Mourinho school of winning was in full force and the victory was never in doubt.

Pogba’s performance came under its usual scrutiny, with people who rate the subtleties of Granit Xhaka deeming the world-record signing non-existent, whilst United fans named the Frenchman Man of the Match before a ball had even been kicked.

However, Pogba’s role in the final was so much more important than what happened in the 90 minutes on the Friends Arena pitch.

Pogba’s energy, words and joy, all in the moment of what football is all about, winning trophies, did his club and his city a fine turn, given the events at the Manchester Arena.

Dabbing, selfies and over-the-top celebrations – depending on your viewpoint – are perhaps, usually, things that irritate and make football fans (even United ones) cringe, as Jesse Lingard tries to maintain relevance in Pogba’s slipstream.

In Stockholm, though, all those things were welcomed; football’s insignificance due to the terror attack, played an ironically significant role last night, and Pogba led it: it’s okay to enjoy the trivial things. It’s all we’ve got, really.

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