Combining politics with the beautiful game

Joe Parker

You wouldn’t think football and politics were two mutually complimentary careers. In fact, they’re not. But several stars of the game have turned their attention to the political sphere. From Roman Pavlyuchenko, via George Weah and Carlos Valderamma, CLICKON has found the best ones just for you. 

In some of these cases, the players were underprivileged growing up. As they found football, it enabled them to escape the lack of opportunities in their home town. In doing so, their realisation of the need for change sparks a desire to help, due to the influence and privileged they now have.

Footballers can often be selfless. But footballers engaging in political careers, destined to help their localities and countries, show a deep desire for change.

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Most ex-footballers enjoy their retirement, they might find a beach somewhere and become part of the furniture. Others might revel in some much needed family time or even dabble in owning restaurants or bars.

But these elite few politico-footballers take the mantle. They take enjoyment in executing real change in society. Making a transition few seldom make. A transition that requires formal educational training and a true desire to impact their localities and countries.

They use their adoration from the football world and their knowledge of teamwork and public relations and convert this into political prowess.

Just ask yourself, who wouldn’t vote for Pele?


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