Entrepreneurial footballers: life outside the game

There is, and always has been, a common misconception. ‘Footballers are stupid’, well in some (okay most) cases yes. In others, as you’ll find out when you read on, there are a few who have smart heads on their shoulders and have become entrepreneurs, as well as footballers.

While it is sometimes hard for a footballer to start in business while they are still playing, there are a few exceptions and it’s a commendable move, considering most players spend on depreciating assets or blow most of their wage in casinos. Not mentioning any Waynes, sorry, names.

Most players dread retiring from the game they love and mainly the only thing they are known for, in most examples, 20 years and it is scary deciding what to do next. The obvious, cliche routes are coaching/management or television/radio punditry, however these options are only open to a select few.

Let’s have a look at those footballers who have succeeded beyond their playing days and those who are currently still playing who have already diversified.

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Certainly an interesting mix there. Most people suggested that Ferdinand might make a great defensive coach or scout when he retired, while Fowler would have been the last player people expected to make a success of himself in the business world.

So there you go, from the weird and wonderful to the completely unexpected. These five are examples to footballers out there that they can succeed when their careers end and even while they are still playing. Will we see Walcott pitched in the same light as JK Rowling in years to come? Is Bertrand the next Gordon Gekko? Watch this space and have a think, who the next big entrepreneur footballers might be.

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