The Padawan Becomes The Master: Have Biofrost And Doublelift’s Roles Been Reversed At TSM?

There may be more truth behind the endearing ‘Biodaddy’ nickname than was initially intended for Vincent “Biofrost” Wang. Team SoloMid’s support is growing in confidence with every passing match in the NA LCS, nursing his bot lane partner, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, back to full health after his hiatus.

The former NA LCS Rookie of the Split has grown in stature since joining the North American heavyweights at the beginning of the 2016 Summer Split.

Joining Team SoloMid during a period of uncertainty, Biofrost was a pivotal part of the adaptation process that saw the team rise from a 6th place league standing in the spring, to become the most dominant regional force North America has ever seen to date.

With the same roster finally reuniting for the 2017 Summer Split, Biofrost is embracing the spotlight, leading from the front where he once fulfilled a subservient role in the background.

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As a seasoned player with a wealth of LCS experience and in-game knowledge, Doublelift had much to offer Biofrost as a mentor.

One of the most mechanically gifted AD Carries in North America, Doublelift provided an invaluable shot-calling presence, encouraging Biofrost’s growth and development.

“Doublelift had a positive impact on my rookie split, I was learning fast and there was a lot I was learning.

“Back in Challenger, I thought I knew how to play the game but there were so many things that I didn’t know that I learned through the team and Doublelift.

“Doublelift teaching me those things accelerated my growth by a lot.”

Vincent “Biofrost” Wang

When Doublelift stepped away from professional play to centre himself following a disappointing World Championship, Biofrost initially appeared exposed alongside his replacement, Jason “Wildturtle” Tran.

The Canadian support was frequently criticised for his play throughout the Spring Split, lacking the decisive, playmaking ability he had shown in the previous summer alongside Doublelift.

Biofrost’s previous achievements were brought into question, with critics suggesting that the flaws in his play had been masked by the veteran ADC; a theory fuelled by Doublelift himself as he made his return to the NA LCS with Team Liquid:

Upon Doublelift’s return to the Team SoloMid ranks, Biofrost has set out to answer his critics; to prove his value as a top tier North American support.

After an inconsistent start to the campaign, during which TSM trialled a number of new strategies and team compositions, the team have found a rich vein of form, winning their last five matches in a row.

Team SoloMid’s bot lane duo are rebuilding the synergy that made them such a potent threat last season. Though where many expected Biofrost and Doublelift to assume their traditional roles within the ‘padawan/master’ relationship, it is Biofrost who is adopting the paternal role, leading and safeguarding his AD carry to victory.

The carry support meta has allowed Biofrost to flex his muscles. No longer a heal and shield machine for Doublelift, the Canadian is now calling the shots; landing hooks, grabs and stuns as his teammates willingly follow his calls.

Team SoloMid’s two Week 4 matches against FlyQuest eSports and Echo Fox demonstrated Biofrost’s pedigree as a top tier support. Memorably setting up his teammates for a number of clean plays, in addition to dominating the laning phase, Biofrost has ensured Doublelift has enjoyed as comfortable a return as he could have wished for.

Biofrost is no longer Doublelift’s rookie padawan, but rather a master in his own right.

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