From Bamako to the Premier League: Mali’s greatest stars

African football has been on the rise for a few decades now, with some of the finest players we’ve seen in the Premier League stemming from the continent. However, there’s one nation that we don’t really talk about all too much when it comes to setting the benchmark – and that’s Mali.

Despite having several top names that’ve make a real impact on the British Isles, we, as fans, don’t talk about them as a footballing nation nearly as much as we should. Perhaps that’s arrogance on our part, but perhaps it’s also because as a nation they’ve never really made any noise on the international stage.

With that being said, hopefully the tides will start to turn once fans realise just how many talented players have come out of Bamako and beyond.

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Right now it isn’t looking good as far as Mali’s qualification hopes for the 2018 World Cup are concerned, but there’s still cause for optimism heading into the future. Plus if all else fails, they can always look back on their past achievements and players of years gone by with a smile. Kind of like Liverpool.

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