The Premier League merry-go-round: one signing for each club

If each Premier League club could only bring in one signing during the summer transfer window, it would sure inspire a lot of intrigue. We have therefore attempted to address the biggest problem area in each squad and picked a predicted, recommended recruit.

It’s the time of the year again that nearly every fan looks forward to. While a lack of football action is frustrating during the summer months, it is the transfer rumours on the back pages and Sky Sports Breaking News stories that keep many of us gripped.

Does your Premier League club need to buy?

With clubs in the top flight receiving much more revenue than usual courtesy of the ¬£multibillion television deal that was signed and the Premier League becoming more competitive, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we see every club delve into their coffers and some much more than others.

That being said, if each club could sign just one player it would certainly be interesting to see who that would be. We have, therefore, looked at each club carefully to identify the one player that we think is the most realistic and who fills a position that is the most pressing problem for each. While some clubs have started their business already, such as Manchester City and West Ham United, in both of these cases we’ve endeavoured to solve the next most urgent requirement.

Have a look and see if you agree!

Well, certainly some interesting signings. Of course, none of these are set in stone, though you could definitely make a case for some of these moves to happen. With Harry Maguire’s services in high demand, Newcastle could be a great destination, though the press are yet to link them yet. For a start, the club isn’t too far from where he’s based at the minute, while the chance to play under Rafa Benitez and establish himself as a legend at St James’ Park could be too good to turn down.

And then there are managerial vacancies still to be sorted out and no doubt new bosses will have their own ideas of who they want to sign. Everyone says the same each year, though based on all of the variables this could well be one of the most exciting summer transfer windows yet and undoubtedly another record will be set for money spent by Premier League clubs.






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