From one scapegoat to another

In the world’s greatest league, it’s easy for a few things to go wrong. A misplaced pass here and an open goal missed there – it can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, there’s a fair few superstars in today’s landscape that can’t seem to get away from the ‘scapegoat’ tag that continues to follow them round like a bad smell.

The most ironic thing of all is that these players are all playing at the highest level and have been for a few years now, and yet whenever their side loses a game the media jump straight on their backs. Everyone is always searching for perfection, when in reality these lads all bring consistency in one way or another.

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Next time you decide to unleash your inner keyboard warrior on one of these nine individuals, take a moment to analyse their impact on the game. Or perhaps, choose to think back to one of their crucial challenges or wonder goals. Maybe then the appreciation will start to flow.

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