Crunching the numbers: Huddersfield Town’s Premier League promotion

It is known as the richest game in football, with mind-boggling amounts of money awaiting the winner. It is a game that can lead to uncontainable joy and hope for the future in the promised land, if you really want to know how much it means, just ask a Huddersfield Town fan how they are feeling this week!

Lately, footballing fairy tales have been rather easy to come by, but the tale of Huddersfield Town is one that truly epitomises the term. The Terriers, having finished way down in 19th in the 2015/16 Championship season ground their way, through unrelenting determination and sheer bloody-mindedness to a spot in the play-offs in 2017.

Having got that far, no one gave them a chance of marching on to Wembley, they did it anyway. Having got to Wembley, they were again slapped with a label under which they seem to thrive, that of the underdog.

After a thoroughly forgettable game, it came down to the lottery of the penalty shootout. With Huddersfield on the ropes, Reading’s Liam Moore blazed over before on loan Liverpool goalkeeper Danny Ward pulled off what would turn out to be a £170 million save.

German manager David Wagner had somehow managed to drag his side out of the perennial relegation mire and straight into the big time.

The rest, as they say, is history, although some of the Huddersfield lads might have some trouble recalling the events of the evening that followed!

So just what can one do with ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY MILLION POUNDS?

Well, lets put this into context. Huddersfield’s current squad is valued at a whopping £21million according to Compare that to the estimated value of current Premier League champions Chelsea, whose playing staff is estimated to be worth somewhere in the region of £433 million and you begin to understand just how much this money could mean to the Terriers.

Liverpool shelled out £115 million for their shiny new main stand. Huddersfield’s home, The John Smith’s Stadium, cost an estimated £40 million in total, so they could build it again four times over after their Play-off final win. Incredibly, the 24, 000 capacity stadium will be hosting players that cost twice as much as what it did in the coming season!

Meanwhile, Huddersfield’s record transfer fee stands at £1.8 million, meaning they could buy another 94 and half Christopher Schindlers with the money that is coming their way after Premier League promotion.

Sadly, however, it still would not be enough for two Paul Pogbas.

At the beginning of the recently finished season, Town’s wage bill was believed to be about £13million-per-annum. After some simple maths, we discover that, based on that figure, £170million is enough to pay the Terriers players for the next 13 years.

A club record number of season tickets (17,522) have already been sold at a price of £199 for Huddersfield’s first appearance in the top flight since 1983. At Arsenal, a similar ticket would set you back more than £2,000. The John Smith’s Stadium will, without a doubt, be packed to the rafters for every single one of Town’s 19 home games in the Premier League.

Astonishingly, Town became the first team to be promoted to the Premier League with a negative goal difference, having scored 56 goals while conceding 58. That means that, according to that staggering £170 million figure, each goal scored comes in at a value of just over £3million-per-goal.

The figures simply boggle the mind. The West Yorkshire club has come from absolutely nowhere, and now, can look forward to welcoming some of the worlds most glamorous teams, and playing host to some of the most talented footballers planet earth has to offer.

It almost begins to feel like using the term fairy tale to describe Huddersfield’s rise to the Premier League, via two penalty shoot-outs no less, is to do them an injustice. With one of the smallest budgets in the Championship, the Terriers exceeded all expectations.

Wagner will have to invest heavily in his squad if he hopes to stand a chance of staying up, but perhaps that is a worry for another day. This week he is free to revel in the glory of his side’s magnificent achievement.

While the Premier League is going to be one almighty slog for Wagner and his merry band of odds-defying merchants, no one will question the fact that England’s top flight is a better place for having Huddersfield in it!

The Terriers are Premier League!





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