The art of the steal: Premier League’s best bargains

Joe Parker

Picking up world-class players for a cut price is an art. Often overlooked and forgotten in the wake of expensive flops. These deals proved both financially lucrative and consistently beneficial. 

Signing a player as a Premier League club is often a highly publicised affair. Subject to intense scrutiny from fans and pundits alike, deals more than often have proved to be not worth the paper they were signed on. Which is why its all the more important, to remember the greatest deals in Premier League history.

In some cases footballers have been plucked from foreign leagues and brought to the Prem. Before being catapulted to European stardom or sold for five times their initial price. The managers and scouts obviously here saw great potential. They saw players that were susceptible to the bright lights and the big city and that had a raw talent that needed to be moulded.

In other instances players have been brought in to fill a hole in an existing team. They’ve performed consistently and excelled in the Premier League, proving key to their teams performances and even trophies. Then upon departure, have been almost impossible shoes to fill.

Feast your eyes.

You’d be hard pressed to find a bargain better than these lot. Though some of the prices may enter into the millions, the contributions the players made to their destination way exceed their price tag. From towering keepers, through strong defenders and pacey attackers, the Premier League has seen its fair share of clever business.



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